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How to create a new presentation, document, or webpage with Gamma AI
How to create a new presentation, document, or webpage with Gamma AI

An overview of Gamma's key AI features

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How do I create something with Gamma AI?

To create using Gamma AI, go to your dashboard and select "Create new AI". From there, you'll have the option to use Generate, Paste or Import.

  • Generate Mode will walk you through the generation process — enter a topic and our AI will give you the first draft.

  • Paste Mode will let you drop in an outline or document created elsewhere. For example, you could work on an outline in ChatGPT, then paste it in here.

  • Import lets you pull in an existing document or slide deck.

    • Note: import can be used to generate decks up to 25 slides long if you are a Pro user. On the free plan, the longest deck you can generate is 10 slides.

How do I edit with Gamma AI?

Once you've created your Gamma, click the astronaut icon to open the Edit with AI chat. You can ask the AI editor to help you edit the content of your Gamma, search for relevant images, and reformat your cards.

Why didn't the AI editor do what I wanted it to?

This feature is still in beta testing and we're working on teaching it how it can best assist you. If you encounter repeated errors, please reach out to our team so we can investigate!

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Currently, the AI editor can only edit one card at a time.

  • The AI editor cannot make changes to the theme, but we're working on this!

Can I import into Gamma AI?

How do I use the AI chat?

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