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How to use speaker notes and presenter view in Gamma
How to use speaker notes and presenter view in Gamma
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You asked and we listened! Now you can use speaker notes when presenting your Gamma - no more notecards needed!

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Speaker notes and presenter view are both in beta, and we are slowly rolling this out for all plans, including free plans. This feature will be fully released by 3/11 to all users.

Speaker notes

Here's how to add notes to any card in your presentation:

  • Click anywhere in the top right corner of your card, which will pop open a side panel where you can write notes.

  • Once you're finished writing notes for that card, you can click the arrow at the very bottom of the speaker notes panel to move onto the next card without leaving the notes panel.

  • Pro tip: you can adjust the width of the speaker notes panel by sliding the resize handle as needed

Presenter view

  • To see your speaker notes while presenting, select the dropdown next to the Present button to pop open the new presenter view.

  • Here you can navigate through the presentation while viewing your speaker notes.

  • You can edit your notes on the fly by double clicking within the speaker notes panel. Just click done to get back to navigating.

  • You can also start a timer from within the presenter view to track how long you've been speaking.

  • Forget how to navigate through the presentation? Click the keyboard icon in the top left corner of the presenter view see the shortcuts you can use.

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