How to present your gamma

How to present a deck and what you can do in Present Mode

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How to Present in Gamma

You can present your deck by clicking on the present button in the top right corner of your screen.

You can use the drop-down menu to either present in full screen, or in your tab.

Navigating in Present Mode

To navigate in present mode, use the right/left keys to move from one card to another, and use the up/down keys to scroll through long cards. Have a super long card that doesn't fit the screen you're presenting on? No problem! Just use the down arrow key to scroll through the card.

If you are using your trackpad, you can preview the next card in the deck when you scroll up or down.

You can open and close nested cards and toggles while in present mode by using the arrow keys and "Enter" key. To select a nested card or toggle, use the up and down arrow keys while in the card. This will highlight each interactive element.

Once the element appears as highlighted, you can press the "Enter" key to open and close it.

Click to Follow

You can also share a follow link by clicking "Share a follow link." This allows people to follow along with you as you present. Their screens will change as you move from slide to slide.

A viewer can enter follow mode at any time by clicking on your avatar at the top of their screen. This click-to-follow feature allows viewers to easily follow one another within the same deck.

Quick Edits

Have you ever wanted to edit your deck mid-presentation? Just click twice on the deck and you'll enter Quick Edit mode. You can make changes to whatever card you are on, then click done and quickly switch back to presenting.

You can even use your trackpad to move from card to card while in Quick Edit mode.

Spotlight Mode

Once in present mode, you can use the spotlight feature to highlight the part of the card you're on. Hover over the top of the screen and the present bar will appear. You can either click "Spotlight" or hit the "S" key to turn on the spotlight.

You will see that as you present, only the image/text you're on will be highlighted. The rest of the card will appear faded.

Progress Bar

At the bottom of your screen, a thin progress bar will be shown. This helps you keep track of where you are in your presentation.

To stop presenting, either click the "Exit" button in the top toolbar or press the "Esc" key.

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