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Can I import slides or documents into Gamma?
Can I import slides or documents into Gamma?

How to import PPT, Google Slides, Google Docs, and Word docs

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To get started with Gamma, you can pull in a document or presentation you've created in another tool. Right now we support importing from Google Docs, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint.

Right now we only support importing the text, not the styling or layouts, but we plan to explore these in the future. When you import a presentation, each slide will become a card in Gamma. When you import a document, we'll create a card for each heading.

Direct Import

To import the text directly, without any modification, use the Import button on the home screen. This will pull in the text content, without modifying it. From here, you can add your own visuals and layouts manually, or use the AI chat feature to restyle individual cards.

Import with AI

Alternatively, you can use AI to transform the text into a new presentation with layouts. This will change the text and create new layouts, and can only generate a maximum of 12 slides. To use AI, click "New with AI" and choose "Text to Deck".

Then use the Import button on the right side. We recommend using this with the longest presentation length, and starting from the "Transform" prompt, but you can modify the instructions as you see fit.

Debugging Imports

  • If you have trouble importing from Google Drive, try exporting the file as .docx or .pptx, and then importing that Word Document or Powerpoint file directly.

  • If you'd like to split it up further, you can type "/split" in between sections.

  • If you're still having problems, you can copy paste directly from a document into the Gamma editor. This can also work for importing from other apps like Notion.

These features are still in beta testing, so please let us know if you run into any issues or have any feedback.

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