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How to control card sizes and use other page setup options in Gamma
How to control card sizes and use other page setup options in Gamma

How to fix your card sizes (and more!)

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What is "Page Setup" and how do I access it?

Page Setup refers to a tab in Gamma that allow you to make high level changes to your gamma and how it is configured. You can do everything from change the background of the gamma, to configuring its search engine optimization (SEO) metadata. You can also fix card heights and default your cards to be full-bleed or wide.

It can be access by clicking the three little dots (...) in the top right corner of your gamma, then clicking "Page Setup."

How do I fix my card sizes?

You can fix the height of your card by clicking on the card size dropdown within the Page Setup menu. This will allow you to fix the height of your card, which is especially useful when you want to export your content to fit in a Powerpoint or square social media box.

How do I make the background appear in present mode and exported content?

The background is set to blur out by default when in present mode and when you export your gamma. To change this, click the toggle that says Show card backdrops.

How do I change the background of my gamma?

To change the background of your gamma, click on the Background tab within Page Setup. This will allow you to choose between uploading your own background, searching the web for an image, using an Upsplash image, using a GIF, or even using an AI generated image!

How do I change the SEO metadata / preview?

We've rolled out changes to allow you more control over how your gamma appears on the internet. You can now use Page Setup to change the SEO metadata of your gamma, which includes its title and description.

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