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Getting Started with Gamma
How to use Gamma in your preferred language
How to use Gamma in your preferred language

How to use Gamma AI features in any language

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Can I use Gamma in a different language?

Yes, you can! We currently support the Gamma interface in the following languages:

  • English

  • 简体中文 (Chinese Simplified)

  • 繁體中文 (Chinese Traditional)

  • Français (French)

  • Deutsch (German) [BETA]

  • Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) [BETA]

  • 日本語 (Japanese)

  • 한국어 (Korean)

  • Português (Brasil) (Portuguese (Brazil))

  • Русский (Russian) [BETA]

  • Español (Spanish)

  • ไทย (Thai) [BETA]

  • Türkçe (Turkish) [BETA]

If your language isn't on the list, don't worry - we plan to support as many languages as possible over the coming months and will update this page every time we add a new language. Please also note that language support is still in beta, so reach out to us if you see any mistakes or inconsistencies and we'll do our best to correct them as soon as possible.

How to change the Gamma interface language

If you use your browser in a certain language, Gamma will automatically load in that language for you. If you want to switch back to English or another supported language, you can go to User Settings, by clicking on your user profile in the top left corner of your dashboard and then selecting the gear icon. You can also click the ? icon to open the language switcher and override it back to English.

If your language isn't supported yet, read on.

Your browser may have built-in translation that you can try to use Gamma in your desired language. Here are the instructions for Google Chrome:

1. Right click anywhere in your browser. You should see an option to translate the page into your desired language.

2. Now, the entire page should be in your desired language.

You can turn this off and manage the translation by clicking on the icon in the top right of your URL bar.

One thing to be aware of: the translation will only apply to this tab and will stop if you close this tab or refresh. However, it should work the same if you do these steps again.

How to create in another language using Gamma

You can type any language your system uses into the editor. You can also upload your own font to use in a custom theme.

How to use AI in another language

You can select from a list of languages to interact with our AI generator and editor.

  1. From your home page in Gamma, select Create new AI

  2. On the Create with AI page, you now have a couple options:

    1. Paste in text - this option allows you to give detailed instructions and an outline in your own language.

    2. Generate - this option allows you to create from a prompt written in your supported language

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