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How to publish and disable a site
How to publish and disable a site
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How to publish a site

Get ready to unleash your creativity! When you make changes to your site, they won't go live right away. Take your time to perfect every detail and use the Preview button (located in the Publish dropdown) to see how your site will look on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

When you're ready, you can publish your changes by pressing the publish button. This will push the content for each of your pages, as well as any site-level changes like the theme or navigation.

Need to fine-tune a specific page? No worries! Simply click the ... menu next to the page and choose publish. This will update the content on that page without affecting any site-level changes like the theme.

How to unpublish and disable a site

  1. Select the … menu and click site settings

  2. Toggle Site to disabled

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