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How to embed a video, webpage, or music into Gamma
How to embed a video, webpage, or music into Gamma

How to embed content into Gamma

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How to embed content into Gamma

You can embed everything from Youtube videos to entire web pages directly into Gamma. Simply type "/video" or "/webpage" and you'll get a popup to select your embed.

You can also use the insert menu to select which embed type you want to use.

Video and Media Embeds

Webpage and App Embeds

What can be embedded?

As you can see from the images above, you can embed quite a lot into Gamma. Embeds range from Spotify songs, TikToks, and even entire PDFs. You can also embed PowerPoints, Excel sheets, Word documents, Amplitude charts, and PowerBI.


There are a few things that don't embed well. Chatbots are one of those things. While you can embed a chatbot website, some chatbots simply don't play well with Gamma and may not function perfectly.


If you're having trouble embedding content, try pasting the URL for the content you wish to embed into the Iframely debug tool. This will provide a preview of what Gamma is able to embed. If you are still having trouble, contact us.

In general, if you are trying to embed private content, you may run into issues. For example, for Instagram content, make sure that the content is embeddable. See:

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