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How to export gammas as PDF's and PPT's
How to export gammas as PDF's and PPT's

How to download and export your work as a PDF or PowerPoint file

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If you want to save or download your gamma to your computer, you can use our export feature to do so.

You can export your gamma in one of two ways:

  1. PDF export

  2. PPT (beta)

How to export your gamma

To access these options, you can click Share at the top of your screen or in the ... menu at the top right and choose the export format you'd like to use.

After you click Export, your file will start generating automatically. Once the file is ready, it will download automatically. We'll also send you an email with the file.

Why does my gamma look different after I download it?

Please keep in mind that your PDF and PPT will appear as it does in Present Mode. This means it might look slightly different than it does in Gamma.

Due to a limitation with how PowerPoint and most PDF editors handle gradient headings, the gradient headings will not appear in exported content. They typically can't handle gradients well, or they display them in a buggy way, so we select one color to appear instead.

Finally, you may need to download some fonts to your computer to have them display properly on export.

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