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How to create a theme with custom colors, logos, and fonts
How to create a theme with custom colors, logos, and fonts

Create a branded custom theme in Gamma so you can easily style all of your content

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What is a custom theme?

In Gamma, themes determine the visual style of your presentation, document, or webpage, including the colors, fonts, card styles, and accent images. To create a custom theme, you have two options:

(1) Edit an existing theme by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right of an existing theme -> "Customize this theme."

(2) Create a new theme by clicking on the "new theme" button under Themes.

How do I use my own colors?

You can modify a theme to use your own color palette. First, click edit theme, then navigate to "3. Accent Colors." From there you will be able to customize the colors used in elements like links, buttons, and blockquote. Either enter the Hex code you want to use or click the colored box to open the color wheel.

If you want to customize font colors, click "5. Fonts" and you can change the color of headings and body text. You can even use gradients!

How can I use my logo?

You can use your own logo in Gamma by going to "Themes" -> "Edit Theme" -> "6. Logo." Import your logo and you'll see it appear in the bottom left corner of all decks using that theme!

How do I upload a font?

Want to use a custom font? No problem. You can import custom fonts from the main dashboard by clicking "Custom fonts" on the left sidebar.

Can I upload a PPT or Google Slides template to Gamma?

We don't currently offer template import, but we're exploring options around this concept. If you have feedback or suggestions for our team, please reach out to us!

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