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About how AI credits work
About how AI credits work

Learn about how AI credits work in Gamma and how you can get more

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How do credits work?

Credits are used to interact with Gamma AI.

  • It costs 40 credits to generate a deck, document, or webpage using AI.

  • It costs 10 credits per AI response (ex: adding a card, finding images, rewriting content, etc). You won't be charged for errors or clarifications.

Do credits refresh?

No, the credits that you receive for signing up do not refresh.

How can I get more credits?

The easiest way to get more credits is to upgrade to our Plus or Pro plan. Both plans give you unlimited usage of Gamma AI.

You can subscribe per month or annually by switching the toggle to "Monthly" or "Yearly."

You can also earn more credits by referring friends to Gamma.

You can find your referral link on your dashboard or in any place where you use AI. When you click on your credits balance, you'll be able to see your total credits as well as your unique referral link. Check out How to earn Gamma credits with referrals for step by step instructions on referring others.

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