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How to create a LinkedIn carousel using Gamma
How to create a LinkedIn carousel using Gamma
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In this article we will cover how to create an engaging carousel on LinkedIn using your Gamma content.

In this article:

How to set up your gamma

First, you will want to ensure that your Gamma content is optimized for social media posts, so you'll want to ensure a couple of things:

  • Ensure that your cards are set to square

  • Ensure that your card backdrops will export

Here's how to do this:

  1. Select the ellipsis menu in the upper right corner of your gamma, and click page setup.

  2. Set your card size to square

  3. Toggle on your card backdrops so that they export

  4. Lastly, export your gamma as a PDF following the steps here: How to export gammas as PDF's and PPT's

How to upload your gamma to LinkedIn

  1. Log into LinkedIn, select the add a document icon

  2. Upload your exported PDF

  3. Add a title, and anything else to your post that you'd like

  4. Post it!

You've created a beautiful carousel on LinkedIn. Well done!

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