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About trouble accessing the site
About trouble accessing the site
Written by James Fox
Updated over a week ago

We've heard of several customers having issues accessing in the UK.

The good and bad news is that this is not a Gamma issue at all, but rather an issue with an ISP’s servers in the UK. We can’t tell you when this will be resolved, but typically it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple days.

The workaround:

We do have a workaround for you if you’d like to use it! You can switch over to Google DNS.

How you can help us!

If you are one of the users impacted by this issue, please send us support ticket indicating what your ISP is. The most important details will be the hostname as well as the ISP name. Sending in a screenshot of these two details will help us find ways to help those impacted by the ISP server issue.

You can find your ISP here:

Example screenshot:

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