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How to add users to your workspace
How to add users to your workspace
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You can collaborate with your team in Gamma with real-time editing and commenting, by adding your teammates as users.

There are two ways to add collaborators.

  1. On a specific deck. You can share a specific document or presentation by clicking the Share button in the top toolbar, and then inviting individuals

  2. In your workspace. You can add your team to your workspace so you can collaborate on multiple projects.

Please note, you will need to be an admin for your workspace in order to add or remove users. Ask your admin for help to add or remove users, or ask them to make you an admin as well.

Here, we will walk through how to add a user to your Gamma workspace.

  1. First, open the workspace settings, by selecting Settings & members from the left hand menu on the Gamma dashboard.

  2. Next, select the Members tab

  3. From here, you can add specific people using their email addresses, or copy an invite link to share. Please note, that if you are on a paid subscription, adding another member to your workspace will add an additional charge to your subscription.

That's it! You've successfully added a user to your workspace!

By default, decks in your workspace are private to you, and only viewable by others when you share the deck link.

In order to share a deck with your workspace members to discover or edit, please see How to share a deck to your workspace members.

For steps on how to remove users, please see How to remove users from your workspace.

For steps on setting others as admins, please see How to update user roles in your workspace.

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