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Add teammates to your workspace
Add teammates to your workspace
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You can collaborate with your team in Gamma with real-time editing and commenting.

There are two ways to add collaborators.

  1. On a specific deck. You can share a specific document or presentation by clicking the Share button in the top toolbar, and then inviting individuals

  2. In your workspace. You can add your team to your workspace so you can collaborate on multiple projects.

Adding someone to your workspace

To add someone to your workspace, go the Home screen and click on the dropdown in the top left, then pressing Settings & Members

From here, you can add specific people by email, or use a link to invite others.

Sharing a deck to your workspace

By default, decks are private to you, and only viewable when you send the link. In order to share a deck with your workspace members to discover or edit, open the share settings via either:

  • the share button found in the top menu of the deck

  • or from the ... menu on a deck on the dashboard

By default, new decks created are set to "no access" in the workspace. To change this, click the "No access" button next to Workspace members to change the settings to the permission level you want.

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